My Teleporting Journey


My name is Rick Vaughn. I am a scientist who has been passionately researching and investing time into the concept of teleportation. Lo and behold, after years of hard work, I have managed to create my own teleport machine, as you can see pictured to the right.

I would be most pleased if you could join me on the adventures I have undertaken as a result and explore how I managed to accumulate a small collection of souvenirs.

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Thank you very much for your time.


My travels have found me in the heart of Mexico City, where I was warmly welcomed by the people. Amidst a community of music, dance and food, I was shown a small statue, known as the Lady of Guadalupe. She is the Mexican version of Virgin Mary, and is proudly displayed with a dark complexion, something I do not see often. My fascination must have been obvious, as I was handed the statue to keep, along with neatly packaged Tamales.

I must visit again once I get the chance.

The people of Abu Dhabi treated me as one of their own. Despite my lack of knowledge and familiarity with their culture, I found that I truly enjoyed my stay.

The genuine awe I felt visiting the sand dunes and travelling on the back of camels did not go unnoticed, as a friendly merchant slid me a small lamp, one heavily resembling that of Aladdin’s.

Albeit lacking actual magic, I felt extremely flattered by his kindness.

Journeying here again would be an absolute blessing.

Abu Dhabi

Kyoto welcomed me with the beautiful sight of cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The springtime was truly a sight to behold, and was made all the more better meeting the people wandering about. In my travels thus far, I have not met anyone as polite as the citizens of Japan.

I was lucky enough to visit the Kinkaku-ji, a golden temple in Kyoto. I was fascinated to learn about its history, particularly how it was influenced by the Shogun.

I was gifted a small structure of the temple as I departed. I would be most pleased to return shortly.

I have landed in Honolulu. The abundance of volcanoes has piqued my interest. A tour around the area revealed Hawaii’s many beauties, and information into the traditions of the Indigenous peoples.

The tour guide narrated the stories of 4 prominent Gods - Kū, Kāne, Lono, and Kanaloa. She handed me 2 small figures of the God Kanaloa. Known as the God of the sea, she told me he would bring luck to my travels.

It was evident she was unaware of my teleport machine, but I appreciated the sentiment all the same.

I would like to visit Hawaii again soon.


I found myself in Red Square, a famous historic centre within Moscow. Enthralled by the sights and the sheer archaic nature of the buildings around me, I visited many tourist attractions in the area.

At the end of my visit, I found an antique shop.

Manning the shop was an old couple who smiled at me cordially as I entered, so I initiated a conversation. They brought me a set of Matryoshka dolls, which signify the continuity of family, and told me to take them as a souvenir.

I could not ask for anything more than to visit Russia again.

Journeying in Africa has taken me across the entire continent.

I particularly enjoyed visiting Ivory Coast, where I was gifted 2 statues: a man and a pregnant woman. Upon travelling East into Ghana, I was given an Akuaba figure, a doll with a circular head and outstretched arms. The village told me it prevents infertility, and that it holds a strong importance to the community.

The 3 statues I received were from the Akan people. I humbly accepted them.

During any future visits to Africa, it would be most pleasing to see their smiles again.


I have settled in China well - it has been merely 1 week and I have already been invited to visit the friendly elder living in the neighbourhood.

Flattered by my friendly nature, she offered to cook me chow mein, and has given me a hand-crafted doll donned in a traditional garb, alongside 2 alight lanterns. “3 items for a stable life”, she said.

I would very much like to visit China again soon, for the people and colours are sights I do not want to miss.

My last destination was India, where I found myself in Vellore, a district known for its golden Lakshmi temple.

Aware I had to take the opportunity to visit, I took my time walking around the star-shaped path leading into the temple, guided along by considerate civilians.

Leading out of the temple was a small store selling various idols of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. The woman selling items noticed I was a visitor to the country, and happily handed me an idol of my own to carry home for good luck.

I would love to visit for longer next time.


It has been an utter delight to have travelled the world. I am grateful you have made it thus far.

Now, I plan to take a break from travelling as I have begun to work on my newest endeavour - time travel.

Should I manage to master it, I would appreciate if you could join me on my journeys once again.

Of course, if you would like to see my collection of souvenirs in-person, we can arrange a time.

Please contact me at:

All the best.

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